About JBosch

Waterproofing Specialists

JBosch Waterproofing (PTY) LTD comes out as a trail maker in the world of industrial and commercial roofing waterproofing services, boasting about a wide and organized row of solutions to satisfy the needs of our respected customers.

With a track record spanning over fourty years, we have solidified our standing of excellence and dependability within the industry.

Since its beginning in 1982, JBosch Waterproofing has grew steadily into a well known company in the world of waterproofing. Our services include waterproofing for concrete roofs, tiled roofs, and metal roofs, in addition to general maintenance and sheeting. We serve the needs of industrial and commercial clients across South Africa and Africa, leaving a permanent mark on the market.

At JBosch Waterproofing, we understand the importance of trust and the value built into our clients’ investments. Because of this, we prioritize relationships, based upon trust and honesty. Our pride lies in going past the expectations of our clients, delivering highest quality and providing customer service unlike any other.

The key that sets us apart is our promise to our guarantees. We understand that our clients depend on our expertise to furnish effective and lasting waterproofing solutions.

We stand firmly behind our work, giving complete and thorough warranties for all our services. Our clients can rest easy, knowing they are safeguarded by guarantees.

We recognize to the uniqueness of each project, approaching every effort with a personalized touch.

Our team of very skilled professionals possesses the intelligence, common sense and experience to tackle projects of all skill levels and details.

We try to supply new, interesting and cost-effective solutions, making sure of our clients get best value from their investment.

Together with our project-based services, we extend service level agreements (SLAs) to support the performance and integrity of our waterproofing systems.

These agreements give proactive maintenance and regular inspections, preemptively identifying and resolving early and undeveloped issues before they snowball into major difficult situations.

Our SLAs are designed to maximize the long life and effectiveness of our clients’ roofing systems, enabling them to save time and money in the long run.

As a company, in our pursuit of excellence, JBosch Waterproofing remains at the forefront of industry advancements and techniques.

We invest generously in training and development for our team, making sure that we give the latest and best solutions to our clients.

If you find yourself in need of

Industrial or commercial roofing waterproofing services, look no further than JBosch Waterproofing (PTY) LTD. Contact us today for a consultation, and allow us to aid you in attaining a waterproofing solution that is both reliable and enduring.